Formal Living Room No More, But We Still Dine
What should you do with a formal living room off your dining room when you aren't formal? Regain this square footage in your home by making it functional again. This family has two young boys eager to learn, but without a conducive space to focus on academics. So why not use the "living room" that isn't being lived in? They didn't know how to add this function to the space while still making the aesthetic cohesive with the adjoining formal dining room. Enter You-Neek Designs. The clients' direction was to fill the walls of the "kids' office" with educational decor and make it a room they can grow into. The work table has 3 height legs, so it can be changed as they grow. The poufs are used as seats that will work for mom and dad and the kiddos even as they grow. Yet all along, there is a formal dining room just a few feet away. Two distinctly different functions paired with adjacent formal and informal aesthetics and it all fits together seamlessly.