Party Pavilion


PROJECT INFO: More covered outdoor space was the wish for this family’s lounging and dining needs. In tackling such a big job, we had to balance increasing the space with how to soften the addition. The answer to creating more square footage came with new, extremely high vaulted ceilings and access to the existing below grade basement. To make everything feel seamless, we intermixed brick and stone veneer to blend the new hardscape with the existing brick house. Planters added a tasteful touch. We included a privacy and weather barrier on one side to curb the wind for more comfortable lounging. Lighting solutions involved layering a variety of functions, including wall sconces, wafer lights, ceiling fans and pillar lights that are all dimmable to create various moods. To complete the space, we chose custom furnishings that provide flexibility to rearrange for entertainment needs. The result? We increased the usable patio space fivefold.


“The choreography of excavation, hardscape, contracting and design was quite impressive. There were so many moving parts, but having the full design complete prior to construction allowed for a seamless execution.”

– Ray

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