Lincoln Logs


PROJECT INFO: This tiny log cabin is super cute, but the old kitchen left much to be desired. To enlarge the overall kitchen space, we extended the cabinetry near the bedroom and powder room to create a hallway. Due to low ceilings, we had to get creative to incorporate a vented range hood. We installed a compact hood that extends forward when in use to maximize head space. We also included a new pantry, a drop zone to capture any would-be clutter, a cleaning cabinet, cookbook shelves and more. The overall kitchen aesthetic with the slate blue cabinets and geometric backsplash maintains the log cabin vibe and blends seamlessly with the rest of the first floor. This is cozy-modern at its finest.


“These amazing women do a fantastic job from start to finish. Every detail is covered and their project management is top notch. You know a good team is working for you when nothing gets dropped in your lap to fix! Can’t say enough good things about this team.”

– Mary

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