The Forever Home Analysis

Should you move, or should you renovate?

Do you remember when that you found the home you’re currently living in today? It was likely a time filled with excitement, dreams, and possibilities. Fast forward to years later, and that feeling is likely replaced with a focus on all the things that are not working for you in the home anymore. This is totally normal. Over time, the requirements of a home change as the needs of the homeowner evolve.

At that point the question becomes: Should you move, or should you renovate?

This question is so common that You-Neek Designs created a service called The Forever Home Analysis which helps make this very big decision a very informed one. We will walk through all the potential options with our clients, as well as the price points of each one.

If this is something you are currently considering, we hope you will let You-Neek Designs help you through the decision-making process. In the meantime, here are a few things to consider on both sides.

The Road to Renovation

While it might be tempting to renovate for the purpose of resale, we strongly advise against that line of thinking. The truth is, renovations can be costly, and the return on that investment when selling your home in the future won’t always pay out in the short term. Instead, put yourself and your family at the center of the renovation, with the goal of creating a space that is both functional and enjoyable. 

Below are three common scenarios that typically lead down the renovation road:

“We love our neighborhood, but we need more space.” There is no question that Pittsburgh has a lot of beautiful homes in charming historic neighborhoods. However, these homes tend to be on the smaller side, built for families of generations past, and they don’t function effectively for today’s modern living. So if you’re looking to stay in your neighborhood, a renovation is likely the right solution.

“The layout of our home is not functional for our family.” Often times, people do not realize how much space their home actually has until we sit with them and draw up plans for renovations. Opening or moving walls can have a major impact on the floor plan, and even bigger impact on functionality. Looking at these options can demonstrate the all the pros of a renovation.

“Our home is so outdated.” Maybe it’s the aesthetics of the flooring and appliances that’s leaving your home feeling tired. Or maybe it’s a bigger hurdle, like a tight galley kitchen or an extremely small master bathroom. Either way, you spend too much time in your home to not feel happy and relaxed while you are there. If you plan to stay in your home for another 10-20 years, renovating your home to make it feel more modern is well worth the investment.

Making the Move

You might love your neighborhood and your neighbors. You might have memories that feel like they are embedded into the walls of your home. You might have bought your current home with full intentions of it being your forever home. But even with any of these scenarios ringing true, there are situations where it just makes more sense to move in order to get the functionality that you and your family require in a home.

Below are two common circumstances that typically result in the need to make a move.

“It will cost us more to renovate than it would to move.” Sometimes there are so many requirements for updating a home to make it functional that it’s just not worth the investment. When the costs to renovate are higher than the costs of purchasing another home that already has most of what you are trying to achieve, it might be time to move.

“Our neighborhood codes are too restrictive.” If the home renovation that you’re hoping to achieve is larger than your property can accommodate, it can affect the amount of physical space you have to work. When neighborhood codes are a bigger barrier than the costs themselves, again, it might be time to move.

If you’re questioning whether to renovate or move, let’s talk. Our Forever Home Analysis will provide the guidance you need to make the best decision for you and your family.